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Whitney W. Williams: Salisbury

2021 NC Main Street Champion

Whitney Wallace Williams has dedicated almost seven years of service to Downtown Salisbury, Inc. (DSI). She served as a member of the DSI board and as its Vice-Chair and Chair. Since rotating off the board, Ms. Wallace has stayed active with the organization by serving on the Organizational Committee and on the Empire Hotel Redevelopment Task Force.

With her legal training and experience, she has been essential to so many DSI projects. For example, she worked on the original Memorandum of Understanding between DSI and the City of Salisbury that formalized their public/private partnership. She is vigilant about any DSI legal and contractual issues and handles communications and negotiations those issues may require. Ms. Wallace also served as the Chair of the Empire Hotel Redevelopment Task Force, which was responsible for selecting a developer to purchase and redevelop the historic downtown hotel. The Empire’s successful redevelopment will be transformative for the city and its downtown.

Salisbury is honored to name Whitney Williams as its NC Main Street Champion.

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