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Travis Smith - Forest City

It takes a strong person to willingly sign onto a project that includes creating a new Main Street Association, working to obtain 501c3 status for the organization, and serving as CEO when the organization goes into the concession business. Travis Smith, chairman of Explore Forest City Merchants Association, successfully completed all three tasks while simultaneously opening his own counseling practice and serving as youth minister at a local church. With a background in nonprofits and counseling and an office on Main Street, Travis was the perfect fit to lead the new local Main Street Association. Travis has worked diligently to help establish the program, from organizing bylaws and completing tax forms to guiding broad discussions on the organization’s mission, vision, and goals. Beyond this, he is always the go-to-guy for all the little and big things behind the scenes.

Forest City proudly recognizes Travis Smith as a North Carolina Main Street Champion!

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