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Ted Ashby - Mounty Airy

Ted Ashby is the founding Board President of Mount Airy Downtown, Inc. He initiated Mount Airy’s efforts to rejoin the North Carolina Main Street Program in 2013 and served as the Board President from Mount Airy Downtown's inception in 2012 until 2020.

Under Ted's leadership, Mount Airy Downtown saw 67 facades redone,

28 buildings rehabilitated, 16 public improvement projects completed,

34 businesses created, 14 businesses expanded, 88 new housing units created, and private investment of approximately $26.8 million. Downtown has undergone a renaissance and has a renewed energy that has helped to revive the local economy. Ted has volunteered countless hours with the goal of revitalizing downtown and building a better community for the future. His even-keeled determination has pushed Mount Airy forward.

Ted Ashby is an invaluable mentor and friend and is the epitome of a North Carolina Main Street Champion. Mount Airy Downtown, Inc., thanks him for his years of service!

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