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Sanford- Buck Harris

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Few people have impacted Downtown Sanford as notably as Buck Harris. He has served on the Downtown Sanford, Inc., Board of Directors on and off for 30 years. His fourth-generation business, founded in Downtown in 1935, is in one of the loveliest buildings overlooking Depot Park. He has plans to expand it with the redevelopment of the upper floor. Buck was part of the effort that turned the Temple Theatre, shuttered for over 15 years, into one of Downtown Sanford’s most significant assets. He served on the Downtown Sanford, Inc., Board when Depot Park, once an overgrown lot, went from dream to reality. He helped get bond referenda passed, resulting in a multi-million-dollar streetscape, and he is serving on a committee to repurpose an empty depot building into Downtown’s very first visitor center. In short, wherever he goes, transformational projects happen. Buck Harris is, indeed, Downtown Sanford's North Carolina Main Street Champion!

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