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Pam Hylton Coffield - Salisbury

In 2020, Pam Hylton Coffield, owner of Stitchin’ Post Gifts, will be headed into her 45th year as a Downtown Salisbury business owner! Pam has continually reinvented her business by adjusting to the latest trends, expanding her small cross-stitching shop into a destination for boutique items one may find only in larger cities. She is always looking for things that will set her shop apart. Pam has also devoted many years of service to the Downtown Salisbury, Inc., Board.

Pam and her staff always support downtown initiatives. Speaking of her staff, it is evident that they learned from her what “customer service” really means. She’s not afraid of competition, and welcomes more boutiques and complimentary businesses to downtown, as she believes variety and multiple options attract more customers for everyone. The longevity and liveliness of her gift shop is proof that she is a tried and true example of a "Main Street Champion".

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