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Oxford- Lisa Gingue

Lisa Gingue, owner of The Hub on Main, shows such enthusiasm and dedication in seeing Oxford thrive, as witnessed by the innovative call to action marketing she uses to draw people from across the county. Whether Lisa is organizing for Sushi Sunday or managing the lines for Breadshare, her inherent style is to ask, “What experience is the community missing out on?” That is when you see her swing into action. Lisa serves on three of four committees for the Downtown Oxford Economic Development Board, is Chair of the Granville County Education Foundation, is an active member and host of Women in Networking, and is co-owner of Vino Oasi, a vineyard, and event venue operation. The Hub on Main is appropriately named as it has become the hub of Oxford and Lisa, with her determination, is at the heart of it all. She is Oxford’s North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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