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New Bern- Department of Public Works

The Public Works Department for the City of New Bern have always provided support to Downtown, our projects, events and initiatives but that support is even more meaningful given the circumstances of 2018. When Downtown was reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, the Public Works Department began clearing debris to ensure that streets were safe, and businesses could reopen. When retailers were questioning their ability to survive and MumFest was needed more than ever to help keep them alive, the Department said they could do their part to make it happen. Many Public Works employees lost their homes in the hurricane and had worked for weeks without a day off, yet they we willing to work on MumFest while continuing City-wide cleanup of debris. There is no finer group of people than the individuals working for the Department of Public Works in New Bern which is why they are being nominated as New Bern's 2019 Main Street Champion.

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