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Michael & Mary Sargent: Wilson

2021 NC Main Street Champions

Michael and Mary Sargent were early believers in Wilson’s #downtownturnaround, becoming involved in its redevelopment before many locals were willing to invest financially. The couple became donors to the Whirligig Park, Mary joined the park board, and started inquiring about buying downtown properties. The Sargents purchased a dilapidated historic property, invested over $1 million in a beautiful renovation, and recruited two stellar tenants that brought jobs to downtown Wilson. They invested in another downtown property, renovated it into the SOCO Loft, a gorgeous redevelopment project, and recruited another quality tenant - creating more jobs. The Sargents have purchased and are renovating a third downtown building.

Mary joined the Wilson Downtown Development board, serves as the co-chair of the design committee, and sits on the executive committee. Both she and Michael can often be found volunteering, rehabilitating buildings, and spreading positivity about Historic Downtown Wilson’s rebirth.

For their belief in downtown Wilson’s potential and dedication to building the redevelopment movement, Wilson is excited to name Michael and Mary Sargent as its NC Main Street Champions.

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