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Lenoir - City Fire Department

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

They come to the rescue. It’s what they do every day. From the extraordinary act of saving a life to the kindness of extending a hand, you can depend on them. Whatever the task, their spirit of service is always evident; the mark of true champions.

The City of Lenoir Fire Department comes to the aid of the Lenoir Main Street Program whenever there is an event downtown. Fire Department personnel work behind the scenes in advance, providing coolers of ice and lending many hands to set up tents, tables, and chairs. During an event, they come to the aid of participants. Late in the evening, they often ask the question, “What else can we do?” For co-sponsored events, their in-kind services are delivered with kindness and smiles.

They come to our rescue, and do the same for the community. We are so grateful to have such a fine group of dedicated, firefighting, North Carolina Main Street Champions in the City of Lenoir.

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