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Rodger Walker: Tryon

2023 NC Main Street Champion

Since he joined the community, Rodger Walker has taken a hands-on approach to nurturing Downtown Tryon. Along with his wife Susan, Rodger opened Workroom Tech in 2017. At its inception, it was the only school in the country making professional window treatments and soft furnishings. Workroom Tech brings visitors and instructors from all over the world to Tryon, with Rodger playing the role of ultimate host.

He has been a tireless advocate for the small business community and served on the board of Tryon Downtown Development Association for many years, including a term as president of the organization. He provided strong leadership during the challenges of the COVID­19 pandemic and has tirelessly lent his support to the recovering downtown district. He also offers his talents to many other community organizations, including the Tryon Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter.

Rodger is the ultimate volunteer, always willing to lend a hand on projects ranging from operations and administration to community events to holiday decorating.

Tryon is honored to recognize Rodger Walker as its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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