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Kim Saragoni - Mooresville

Kim Saragoni is the owner of Four Corners Framing & Gallery, which has been located in Downtown Mooresville for over a decade.

Kim’s shop originally began in a smaller storefront, yet her intuitive knack for business and building relationships enabled her to expand into a larger location and add an art gallery which doubles as event space. Kim’s warm, enthusiastic personality is contagious. Her positive attitude and unwavering willingness to help makes her a tremendous asset to the Mooresville Downtown Corporation. She has a servant’s heart and has brought her endless energy to multiple committees, volunteered countless hours during events, and served as board Secretary for ten years. Now serving as Chair, Kim’s creative problem solving, and leadership helps increase the effectiveness of a working Board. Kim wholeheartedly supports her fellow Downtown businesses and is as passionate about Downtown Mooresville’s success as she is about her own. For her dedication to downtown, Mooresville Downtown Commission recognizes Kim Saragoni as North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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