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Clinton - Kara Donatelli & Sampson Arts Council Board

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Kara Donatelli, Executive Director of Sampson Arts Council, and the Sampson Arts Council Board of Directors are ready and willing to partner with the Clinton Main Street Program. For over 10 years, the group has provided art activities, displays, pumpkin decorating, and other contests for four of Clinton’s Main Street Program events.

The Sampson Arts Council was instrumental in the successful campaign for and installation of the “Milling Around” art piece by artist Heidi Lippman, which was completed in 2012. This 25-foot by 7-foot silk screened, hand painted, laminated glass wall was the capstone of Clinton’s 2013 Main Street Award-winning Phase III Downtown Revitalization Project and was part of its 2015 Main Street Award-winning Image Building Campaign.

Because of their great collaboration, the Clinton Main Street Program is proud to name Kara Donatelli and the Sampson Arts Council Board of Directors as our North Carolina Main Street Champions.

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