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Joseph & Stephanie Wach: Edenton

2021 NC Main Street Champions

Joseph and Stephanie Wach are dedicated to the Edenton community and its visitors. The Wachs transformed a quiet appliance shop, on the prominent corner of King and Broad Streets, into a thriving outdoor provision store that features “Edenton N.C.” branded products and locally brewed craft beer! The couple purchased an additional downtown property, a former icehouse, and is redeveloping the building for use as “The Herringbone” restaurant, set to open in the summer of 2022.

The couple’s creativity and passion for downtown Edenton does not stop with their investments in bricks and mortar downtown. When the Wachs learned the original Edenton trolley was going to be sold for parts, they got to work, and the trolley now serves the community as a unique downtown snack bar.

By redeveloping properties and repurposing iconic fixtures in Edenton, the Wachs have shown how underutilized spaces can quickly become destinations.

Edenton is proud to name Joseph and Stephanie Wach as its NC Main Street Champions.

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