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Grimsley Hobbs, Taylor Hobbs, and Chevon Moore: Pittsboro

2023 NC Main Street Champion

As owners of a downtown business located on a renovated historic property, Grimsley Hobbs, Taylor Hobbs, and Chevon Moore with Hobbs Architects have invested time, energy, and talent in a variety of ways that improve Downtown Pittsboro. Award-winning experts in their field, Hobbs Architects was the lead designer in the intricate restoration of the Historic Chatham Courthouse and the innovative SoCo restoration project, both located in the center of downtown. Serving on various boards, such as the Chatham County Arts Council, Chatham County Historic Association, Downtown Advisory Board, and the Downtown Design Committee, Hobbs Architects has taken a key leadership role in recent years.

Whether assisting with various downtown projects through the commitment of countless volunteer hours, partnering with the Town of Pittsboro in community planning and drafting drawings for the Historic Community House, or providing expertise and illustrative designs for the new Downtown Pop­Up Park, Grimsley, Taylor, and Chevon continue to be instrumental in bringing to life a larger community vision for our Downtown.

Pittsboro is proud to recognize Grimsley Hobbs, Taylor Hobbs, and Chevon Moore of Hobbs Architects as its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champions.

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