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Gregory Stafford: Pittsboro

2022 NC Main Street Champion

Enhancing downtown is an understatement in comparison to the profound improvements Greg Stafford has accomplished in Downtown Pittsboro. And he is not done. Over the past several years, Greg has steadily renovated a total of five downtown properties. His newest project includes converting a historic car dealership into a six thousand square foot destination facility. Greg is well known by his cheerful, laid-back demeanor and his willingness to spare no effort to better Pittsboro's downtown. An active supporter of the Downtown Pittsboro program, Greg is a member of the Downtown Advisory Board and Chair of the Economic Vitality Committee. Whether Greg is partnering with local organizations for promotional and fundraising opportunities, sponsoring, or hosting a downtown event, constructing an infill development, or recruiting new commercial investments, he is tirelessly cultivating a vibrant and thriving downtown. Because he is making exceptionally valuable contributions through vision, leadership, and action, Downtown Pittsboro is proud to call Greg Stafford its two thousand twenty-two NC Main Street Champion.

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