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Garris Family: Wilson

2022 NC Main Street Champions

Andra "Tig" and Marty Garris had a dream of opening a restaurant in Historic Downtown Wilson. Several years ago, with Tig's extensive background in restaurants, they successfully opened Tig's Courtyard Delicatessen & Coffee House. Their winning personalities and delicious fresh food and drinks resulted in Tig's quickly becoming the dry "Cheers" of downtown. Anyone going there would always be greeted with a smile, have a great meal, and likely run into many friends. Tig and Marty began calling themselves what they coined "downtowners”, big downtown advocates. Their son, RJ, became a young downtown mascot of sorts. Customers took joy in watching RJ grow-up in the restaurant, finding him playing on the sidewalk out front, doing his homework, or helping his parents. Marty began serving on the Wilson Downtown Development Corporation Board of Directors. He is its current Board President and serves on the Economic Vitality Committee. The COVID-nineteen pandemic was hard on their business, but they pivoted with every challenge. Recently, they sold their business to a friend, but are still very involved in downtown. They are looking for their next venture in or near downtown. You can always count of the Garris family to be incredibly positive, hard-working, and great ambassadors for downtown. For these reasons, the Garris family is Downtown Wilson’s two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.


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