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Garland Clark - Rocky Mount

After being employed for more than 30 years by the City of Rocky Mount, Garland Clark retired in June 2020 as a Gas District Manager. However, that is just a fraction of who he is, and does not capture his value and contribution to the development of downtown Rocky Mount.

Garland is a passionate carpenter who became attracted to downtown buildings in 2013. He has since single-handedly undertaken the renovation of four formerly and severely dilapidated buildings. Not only did he beautifully restore the buildings, but Garland also drew upon his vision and creativity to design the properties to attract needed services for downtown. For example, one structure was designed to house a multi-chair barber shop in the front, private salon spaces throughout, and residential on the second floor.

Garland Clark was on the front end of recent downtown developments, encouraging and assisting those that followed. He is a pioneer and consummate advocate for downtown Rocky Mount, and a worthy North Carolina Main Street Champion.


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