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Forest City- Sam and Maggie Cantor

Arriving as part-time summer residents ten years ago, Sam and Maggie Cantor are now helping revive Main Street Forest City one building at a time! The couple, from Boca Raton, Florida, built a summer home on Yellow Top Mountain in northwest Rutherford County, having no idea that they would eventually be involved with purchasing and rehabilitating two vacant buildings on Main Street. According to Maggie, they went downtown for the Night Owl Concert Series and saw the town gaining momentum as it grew and changed. Their first building, which had been vacant for ten years, is now home to a barbeque restaurant and three apartments (the first non-owner-occupied apartments on Main Street in Forest City). The second building, formerly a department store, is now home to a Mexican restaurant and Casa Bella Apartments. Forest City is excited that the Cantors have become part of its small town, deep roots, family! They are North Carolina Main Street Champions.

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