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Emma Cadman: Spruce Pine

2022 NC Main Street Champion

Since moving to Spruce Pine two years ago, board member Emma Cadman has made significant contributions to its Main Street program. In two thousand twenty, Emma joined the Design & Beautification Committee and jumped right in to create colorful handmade flags for a bridge that matched the downtown wayfinding signage. From painting park tables to attending every town clean up, her willingness to assist in any activity is admirable. In two thousand twenty-two, when staffing issues arose, Emma joined the Promotions committee utilizing her creative side by taking town photos, interviewing volunteers, and creating social media posts. Her most significant contribution to Downtown Spruce Pine and the community is designing a mosaic mural that will adorn a one hundred- and fifty-five-foot wall in downtown. The mural will be completely handcrafted featuring the many assets Spruce Pine offers such as rivers and outdoor recreation. The project will also reach the community through Mosaic Mondays a time when residents, schools and seniors have an opportunity to be involved in the project. Emma shares her considerable skills, creativity, and concern for community with the Main Street program and that is why Emma Cadman is its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.

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