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Emily Causey - Marion

Emily Causey is the business owner every Main Street Director dreams of. Emily and husband, Jason, were not looking to live long-term in Marion. After hearing the City of Marion was seeking a craft brewery, however, the couple used local support for entrepreneurs and opened Marion's first craft brewery in downtown on New Year’s Eve, 2017.

Emily immediately began organizing events such as putt-putt pub crawls and temporary pop-up shops that engaged downtown businesses and attracted customers, many of which were new to spending time downtown. Emily exudes Main Street spirit as she not only promotes her business, but also constantly seeks opportunities that will promote the entire downtown. Emily serves on the Board of Directors for Marion Business Association and on several other Main Street committees while also working full-time at Montreat Conference Center. She is thoughtful in her input and is a strong advocate of Marion.

Marion is proud to honor Emily Causey as North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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