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Elizabeth City- Thomas and Tabitha Reese

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Thomas and Tabitha Reese serve. They serve great beer at their new microbrewery in downtown Elizabeth City, and they serve the community in significant ways. In addition to being part of downtown revitalization and economic development efforts, they have become involved in helping others through their giving and partnerships. They are proactive partners with other local businesses, working for the success of all, whether it be cross-marketing to create synergistic relationships, such as craft beer dinners, tap takeovers, and joint tastings, or teaming up to host live music events in the community alley shared by multiple businesses. In everything they do, they consider how it could be done in a way that will help others. They work just as hard at building the community as they do in building their own business, and they do it authentically. They craft beer and they craft collaboration. Thomas and Tabitha Reese are Elizabeth City Downtown, Inc.’s, North Carolina Main Street Champions.

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