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Edenton - Al Rob

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

For many years, the Keystone Barber Shop had been in an upstairs location in downtown Edenton. However, the building was eventually put on the market and sold. Barber Vernell Cofield wanted to continue his business and was having a hard time finding an appropriate location to rent. When Al Rob learned that Vernell was having to make house visits to cut his clients' hair, he saw an opportunity to invest in a downtown property and rent the space to Vernell. Al bought the property, made necessary renovations, and Vernell opened a first-class barber shop of his own in the building. Clean Cuttz is now thriving thanks to Al's investment, thoughtfulness, and foresight. Destination Downtown Edenton is grateful for Al's investment and is thrilled to keep Vernell's successful business in downtown Edenton.

Al Rob is a true North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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