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Eden - Ashley Latham

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Ashley Latham certainly has an eye for beauty. An accomplished photographer, in 2014 she moved her studio into an upstairs space in a downtown building. As her business grew, she saw the need to expand into her own space. She bought three adjoining buildings that had been recently purchased after standing empty for more than ten years. She took the renovations to the next level, adding spacious offices, a large photography studio, a client viewing room, a framing room, a kitchen and even a fully equipped salon.

She has managed to make the incredible transformation of the studio while raising three small children with her devoted husband, Seth. She is an active member of Professional Photographers of North Carolina and Professional Photographers of America. Her vision is an inspiration for anyone that cherishes a vibrant downtown. That is why Eden is proud to recognize Ashley Latham as our North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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