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Douglas Pearce - Wake Forest

Doug Pearce is a leading force and visionary in the economic vitality of Downtown Wake Forest. Doug purchased a small downtown restaurant several years ago. With his extensive work in the food and beverage industry and his son’s restaurant leadership, the restaurant quickly expanded, moving to a new location in a very underutilized downtown shopping center. The restaurant is now a destination for people in Wake Forest and surrounding communities.

Continuing the revitalization of the shopping center, Doug purchased more vacant storefronts and put in Wake Forest’s only bowling alley, complete with food, a party area, and a full bar. Another space was transformed into a trendy, popular boutique, run by his daughter. The shopping center went from being neglected and empty to completely full of engaging, successful businesses. A true champion, Doug continues to percolate visionary ideas and attract investment to build a unique, lively, and thriving Downtown Wake Forest.


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