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David White - Shelby

David White is an Uptown property owner, general contractor, and Shelby City Council member who has renovated 16 properties representing over 128,000 square feet in Uptown Shelby. When he started his development company in 1988, a local bank rejected his loan on the basis that it lacked confidence in Uptown. David was undeterred, and thanks to his perseverance, his company now offers nearly 50 commercial spaces and 32 apartments in the district, including two renovated retail spaces and six new residential units in 2019. He has stepped in where no one else would, saving historic buildings from continued deterioration and potential demolition. In addition to investing in Uptown properties, David sponsors quarterly socials hosted by the Uptown Shelby Association to connect and engage Uptown businesses. He is also very supportive of Uptown projects in his role on City Council. Uptown Shelby is pleased to recognize David as a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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