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Dave Leonetti: Hickory

2021 NC Main Street Champion

David Leonetti is the Business Services Manager for the City of Hickory where he currently oversees the city’s Business Development, Community Development, and Redevelopment programs. He has worked for the City in a variety of planning and community development capacities since 2007. In his role as Business Services Manager, he works to ensure all of Hickory’s businesses have the tools and support they need to succeed.

In addition, Dave has served as the City of Hickory’s staff liaison to the Hickory Downtown Development Association (HDDA) since 2017. While being the liaison might be considered part of his job, the level to which he has fulfilled this duty goes above and beyond the downtown businesses' expectations. Dave was instrumental in the collaboration between the City of Hickory and HDDA members during the streetscape renovations and City Walk construction. Recently he worked with HDDA and other organizations to implement a new social district area in downtown. He also serves on the HDDA Business & Membership Development Committee.

Dave Leonetti is a valued friend and partner of the Hickory Downtown Development Association, which is pleased to name him as its NC Main Street Champion.

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