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Concord- Diane Young

Updated: Mar 21, 2019


Diane Young worked tirelessly as Executive Director of Concord Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) for seven years. She proved that the organization and the community are capable of cultivating, molding, and shaping the quality investment citizens crave. Diane portrays such love and passion for all pursuits in which she is involved. With creative intuition, a kind heart, and unwavering determination, she transformed Downtown Concord. Utilizing her keen sense of individuality and innate ability to adapt, Diane transformed CDDC into the thriving organization it is today. Due to her efforts, CDDC exemplifies what it means to be citizen-oriented, philanthropic, goal-driven, problem-solving, perseverant, and future-investing, all while embracing a heart of service. Diane championed significant projects such as Carolina Courts, Lofts 29, and The View at Hotel Concord, and brought momentum to Downtown during the economic recession. That is why CDDC recognizes Diane Young as a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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