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Cindy Sutton - Statesville

It’s not just because she and her husband own a business in the heart of Downtown Statesville. It’s not just because she is a marketing whiz with a gift for knowing the right thing to say. It’s because Cindy Sutton just gets it. She shares her marketing skills and knowledge with everyone. She knows that when one downtown business succeeds, all of downtown succeeds.

For over nine years, Cindy has generously shared her services, helping Downtown Statesville grow its social media presence and strengthen its events. Her plans always include local governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals. Cindy’s efforts have earned regional and national attention for Downtown Statesville as a must-visit destination. Her rebranding ideas are award winning. Her business, Spokeology, is Downtown Statesville’s marketing agency of record but Cindy helps everybody – with a lot of creativity and patience!

Downtown Statesville Development Corporation is proud to honor Cindy Sutton as a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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