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Cherryville - Jean Skibo

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Jean has passionately led the Design Team since 2013. Under her enthusiastic leadership, this team implemented an art campaign that restored two Coca-Cola ghost murals, installed two spectacular heritage murals, and created a children’s Art Way.

Jean orchestrated the design and placement of over fifty pieces of outdoor furniture for the downtown and worked tirelessly in helping building owners install attractive window displays. Jean launched a banner replacement program, procuring attractive banners and hardware to promote the new Cherryville brand. She worked to add flowers, shrubbery, and the community’s iconic cherry trees to the streets in downtown, as well as in the greater community. Her projects have ignited citizens’ excitement in Cherryville and garnered wide support for the Main Street Program. Around the community, Jean is known as someone who’s efforts aren’t limited by convention and protocol, but are driven by a desire to get things done.

The Cherryville Main Street Program congratulates Jean Skibo for being named Cherryville’s North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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