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Amy Laster: Reidsville

2022 NC Main Street Champion

Amy Laster is current head of the Reidsville Downtown Merchants Association and owner of Reidsville Trading Post. Amy took a chance in the middle of the COVID nineteen pandemic to open her dream business downtown. Despite the decline of overall retail sales nationwide, Amy’s business began to flourish immediately and continues today as a beacon of Reidsville’s downtown merchant district. She also took charge and rejuvenated an idle Merchants Association that is now tied closer to the Reidsville Downtown Corporation and the City’s Main St. program. Along with selling unique local art, candy, and other items, she also offers painting and artesian classes. She works with local farmers markets providing their goods to local residents. Amy also has created new events for downtown Reidsville such as the Chili Cook Off and Downtown Trick or Treat.

Because of the tremendous impact she has had on downtown, Reidsville Downtown Inc. is pleased to honor Amy Laster as its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.

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