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Adam Wolfe - Roxboro

“It’s the little things in life that count,” says native Personian, Adam Wolfe. Opening his small business at just 18 years old, Adam has proven skilled in turning a dream into reality. What began as a 1,000 square foot gas station operation has grown into a 25,000 square foot customization empire. Drawing clients from all over the country to his beloved hometown, Adam’s Dreamworks Motorsports continues to proudly support Roxboro by using social media to bring attention to the area. He always includes Roxboro-centric hashtags in his posts with various celebrities, and as the top sponsor for the Rox n’ Roll Cruise-in series, Adam and his team have made Uptown Roxboro exciting for a whole new generation. Whether assisting with design work and signage or simply crafting promotion videos. Adam continues to do those “little things” that make a tremendous difference in Uptown Roxboro and that make him a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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