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Aberdeen - Kasey Zumwalt

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Kasey Zumalt is an ambitious business owner in the heart of downtown Aberdeen who goes above and beyond the general requirements to maintain a local shop. She conducts weekly community building events, volunteers time to other businesses and was on the front line of the Town’s seasonal Farmers Market.

Kasey supports the local economy by collecting aged furniture to “up-cycle” and has furnished numerous pieces for neighboring shops. For example, in September of 2017, Kasey welcomed the owner of a new coffee shop (High Octane) by providing branding support and antiqued tables and chairs. Kasey frequently contributes her artistic talents to the community. In the last 8 months, she has held over 50 events that doubled as foot-traffic generators and community workshops. In addition, Kasey re-purposed an empty lot next to her shop by single-handedly developing and orchestrating bi-weekly community Farmers Markets for the spring and summer seasons.

We are proud to name Kasey Zumalt as Aberdeen’s North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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