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Waynesville Police Department Officers - Waynesville

During a year of uncertainty and unrest, the uniformed officers of the Waynesville Police Department have been a protective shield for downtown Waynesville. The men and women in blue serve the Main Street community every day with dedication and professionalism. They are the backbone that makes the community strong, the hands that protect businesses from danger, and the feet that rush in to confront every threat. Waynesville depends on them to keep the community safe and provide a sense of security for every Main Street event. These unsung heroes confront danger and rise to every challenge with a readiness and willingness to serve at all cost. During a year of intense scrutiny toward law enforcement, these men and women have served the community well. Waynesville’s Main Street community is stronger, safer, and more prosperous because of them.

The Downtown Waynesville Association is proud to recognize the Waynesville Police Department officers as North Carolina Main Street Champions.


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