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Tonyan Schoefield: Salisbury

2023 NC Main Street Champion

Tonyan Schoefield is a bright light in the landscape of Downtown Salisbury and has become invaluable to the community since she opened her store in 2018. The owner of three small businesses, Tonyan serves on the Downtown Salisbury, Inc. Board, and the Promotions, Economic Vitality, and Design Committees. Tonyan saw an influx of new, younger business owners in Downtown Salisbury. She took it upon herself to start a mentoring system, to support and guide them as they learn to make business decisions. To maximize the impact of her mentoring, Tonyan approached Downtown Salisbury Inc. about chairing an event series called the Learn, Connect and Grow Mixers.

Every other month, Tonyan spearheads mixers that are open to all stakeholders, and allow time to relax and talk about various small businesses impacts. Tonyan is the first to volunteer to work an event, serve on a committee, support an innovative idea, or mentor a new business owner. As a breast cancer survivor and mother of ten children, it would be enough for Tonyan to run her three businesses and head home. However, she does whatever it takes and spends countless hours helping Downtown Salisbury community become more vibrant every day.

Salisbury is thrilled to honor Tonyan Schoefield as its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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