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Steve Bush: Marion

2022 NC Main Street Champion

Marion was blessed the day retired Army Sargent Steve Bush planted his flag in the community. As the new Executive Director of the McDowell Chamber of Commerce, Steve was the cheerleader the community needed. He brought freshness and enthusiasm. Steve was instrumental in creating Marion's award-winning entrepreneur training program, Growing Entrepreneurs Marion. His big personality brought a renewed awareness to the Chamber of Commerce, and he was a natural partner and ally to the Marion Business Association. Through that partnership, Marion experienced unprecedented growth, adding the first tap room and brewery to downtown. In two thousand twenty, Steve left the Chamber and fulfilled a life-long dream of owning a roller staking rink, Marion’s first operating roller rink in forty years. Steve continues to serve the community as an active member of the Marion Business Association Events Committee, Marion Rotary Club, his church, and local veteran support organizations. Marion is proud to honor Steve Bush as its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.


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