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Steve and Kathy Chalk: Morehead City

2022 NC Main Street Champions

Kathy and Steve Chalk have been involved with Downtown Morehead City, Inc. for many years. They own two of downtown Morehead City's longest operating, family-owned businesses - dating back to nineteen twenty-five and nineteen thirty-four respectively. Over the years, the Chalks have been instrumental in supporting and contributing to the revitalization, growth, and success of downtown Morehead City. Kathy is a mentor and resource for neighboring businesses, and a faithful sponsor of downtown events. Since two thousand sixteen, she has held the record for "Best Cheer" in Downtown Morehead City’s local Chowder & Cheer competition. Steve has served on the Downtown Morehead City board of directors for several years, and currently chairs both the Promotions and Morehead City Christmas Parade committees. He is also a loyal volunteer, always providing help for whatever is needed. Downtown Morehead City is honored to work with Kathy and Steve Chalk who are constantly giving back to downtown. It is proud to call this power couple its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.

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