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Statesville- Liz Petree

Liz Petree has spent many hours in service to Downtown Statesville over the last seven years. Her leadership as a Board Member, Committee Chair, and Chairman for the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation, has been integral in bringing great new ideas and events to Downtown, including the Downtown Statesville App and the Hops and Harmony Craft Brew Fest. Her efforts and direct involvement also helped to revive and rebrand the Wine Walk into the successful event it is today!

Liz’s decision to relocate her business, Wine Maestro, to Downtown Statesville seven years ago created a destination business that is now the hub of many social events, from girls' nights to business meetings. Her endless work to make the business thrive has undoubtedly spilled over to other businesses and attracted more to relocate into downtown. To recognize her service and contributions, the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation is proud to honor Liz as a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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