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Shelby - Foothills Farmers Market

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Carol Maxwell, Ron McCollum, and Celeste Burkhardt are the Foothills Farmers Market staff. They work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure the market is a success – not only for vendors and customers, but also for the Uptown district.  The market generates traffic critical to the Uptown businesses. Thanks in part to their efforts, it has grown significantly since moving to the award-winning City Pavilion in 2015.

Carol manages the vendors and plans live music and activities, which help make the market a vibrant fixture of our community. Ron’s outreach efforts build bridges with new audiences who don’t otherwise come to the market or Uptown. Celeste works to build relationships with local businesses, which has led to an increase in demonstrations by Uptown chefs and in Uptown restaurants sourcing ingredients locally.  

The work of these staff members ensures that the Foothills Farmers Market is a significant contributor to the momentum and vibe of Uptown Shelby. That is what makes them our North Carolina Main Street Champions.


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