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Sarah Coltrain: Ayden

2023 NC Main Street Champion

Sarah Coltrain emerged as a beacon of change in downtown Ayden, breathing new life into the heart of the community. Her transformative journey began with the purchase and meticulous remodeling of a neglected building. Once a fading relic, it is now a vibrant centerpiece of the community. Sarah unveiled a retail storefront that became the resource for hardware and local goods, igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship and drawing visitors back to the historic streets of Ayden.

Innovating further, she established a groundbreaking Facebook group, a digital lifeline for residents hungry for local connection and information. This virtual hub became an essential resource, fostering a sense of community that had long been missing. Recognizing the importance of food security, she played a pivotal role in founding a community garden, providing fresh produce, free for everyone. This gesture was a testimony to her dedication to the town's well­being.

In a final act of devotion to her town, Sarah lent her support to the Ayden Chamber of Commerce relocation and opening of a street­ front welcome center, cementing Ayden's resurgence.

Ayden is honored to recognize Sarah Coltrain as its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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