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Salisbury- Gianni Moscardini

Gianni Moscardini came to Salisbury in 1991 and found a place he would call home from then on, second only to his native Tuscany, Italy. Twenty-seven years later, Gianni lives in Downtown Salisbury above one of his three businesses, The Salty Caper, which specializes in wood-fired pizza. In 2015, Gianni rehabilitated a neglected downtown commercial property to create New Sarum Brewery. His first food and beverage venture, La Cava, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is an excellent dining restaurant located in a renovated downtown historic church. Gianni is a very active Downtown Salisbury Board Member and Promotions Committee Chair. He has attended multiple regional training sessions and NC Main Street conferences. He commits to meeting monthly to decide upon topics for the digital marketing plan and has been instrumental in planning all Downtown Salisbury, Inc., events. Downtown Salisbury has benefited exponentially from Gianni Moscardini’s entrepreneurial spirit and decades of dedication! He is a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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