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Rutherfordton - J. Willard Whitson

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Willard is one of those volunteers who brings energy, knowledge, and positivity to every committee he serves on. Since moving to Rutherfordton in 2014 as the Director of KidSenses, Willard has immersed himself in our community.  Under his leadership, the KidSenses Board began developing an expansion plan to create a new facility, entitled THE FACTORY, designed to engage youth from age eleven into their teens.

Willard jumped right into helping us unite and improve the community. He joined the Rutherford Town Revitalization Board in 2015 and is active in our Merchant Association.  He also serves on the Tourism Asset Foundation Board, and as Vice Chair for the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority. An artist and member of the local Artists Guild, Willard is getting ready to paint a historical mural downtown commemorating the Overmountain Victory Trail.

Willard is our voice of reason. He brings a world of experience to our small town and we are lucky to have him call Rutherfordton home. His impact on the lives of our children, youth, and adults will be felt for many generations. He is our North Carolina Main Street Champion.


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