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Rocky Mount - Ed Wiley III & Yalem Kiros

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Ed Wiley III and Yalem Kiros believed if they opened a restaurant in Downtown Rocky Mount, ensuring the food was absolutely delicious, the atmosphere warm and cosmopolitan and the service stellar the possibilities would be limitless. They recognized this had the potential to help transform the center city by attracting people looking for good places to eat, shop, work and play. They were right. The Prime Smokehouse has helped transform downtown into a destination of choice for those seeking good food especially good barbecue, soul food, southern cuisine and great entertainment. Each weekend, patrons in this crucible of jazz and blues history, are treated to local, regional and national touring musicians and entertainers. Wiley is the godfather of Rocky Mount’s downtown restaurant scene, widely respected by his peers and loyal patrons alike. He’s a cool guy with a cool style. We are all enriched by Ed’s, Yalem’s, & Harold’s creativity, passion and delicious food.

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