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Robin Bivens - Lexington

Robin Bivens is a true champion through volunteerism, business recruitment, financial investment, and community partnerships. As director of the Lexington Tourism Authority and a current and past member of numerous other boards, she goes above and beyond to partner with Uptown Lexington.

No task is too small for Robin, who can be found helping organize events as well as cleaning up after them. She sponsors and volunteers in any capacity needed at events such as Summer Strolls, Pigs in the City, and Christmas Open House. Not only was Robin instrumental in making Uptown Lexington’s largest event, BBQ Capital Cook-off, run smoothly for eight years, but she also actively looks for ways to participate with the organization outside of events. In 2016, Uptown Lexington and the Lexington Tourism Authority partnered in holding a successful fundraising concert. Robin constant works with various TV stations, magazines, and tour groups to promote Uptown Lexington as well as the city in general. Robin Bivens is a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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