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Rick Segal: Rutherfordton

2022 NC Main Street Champion

Rick Segal is one of Rutherfordton's most loyal supporters and volunteers. He has championed the community for many years and served as President of Rutherfordton Town Rising, the community’s Main Street program, for two years. Rick serves many organizations in town in addition to the downtown corporation. He has been involved in the garden club ever since he moved to Rutherfordton and serves on the planning board and historic preservation committee. Without Rick's constant dedication to downtown development, Rutherfordton would not be where it is today. To effectively demonstrate Rick’s importance to downtown let’s compare him to a puzzle. Rutherfordton is made up of many different pieces that comprise the community. Rick is a one of the edge pieces of this puzzle. He is a part of creating the entire foundation of the puzzle. Without the strength of the edge pieces, a puzzle cannot be completed. That is why Rick Segal is Rutherfordton’s two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.


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