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Pilot Mountain Board of Commissioners: Pilot Mountain

2023 NC Main Street Champion

The Pilot Mountain Board of Commissioners has been a strong advocate and supporter of Pilot Mountain Main Street revitalization. Despite facing initial rejection from the NC Main Street program, this determined group of individuals persevered, undeterred in its mission. The Commissioners continuously fight for positive change while collaborating with state and regional partners. They have been instrumental in advancing downtown revitalization as a cornerstone of Pilot Mountain's economic development strategy.

The Commissioners established a dedicated downtown revitalization department, supported the Main Street Coordinating Committee and its subcommittees, and endorsed the nomination of a historic commercial district downtown on the National Register of Historic Places. This has catalyzed private investment along Main Street. They are dedicated servant leaders who actively engage with the Main Street Coordinating Committee and eagerly volunteer for special events, setting a strong example of their unwavering dedication. They not only lead by example but also consistently extend their hands to welcome and involve others in their cause, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and community building.

Pilot Mountain is proud to recognize the Pilot Mountain Board of Commissioners as its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champions.


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