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NC Apple Festival Board of Directors: Hendersonville

2022 NC Main Street Champions

The North Carolina Apple Festival's Executive Board is an all-volunteer group of Hendersonville community members, apple growers, and cheerleaders. Every year, this team comes together to put on a five-day festival which brings over two hundred and fifty thousand attendees and produces a twelve-million-dollar economic impact in the Hendersonville economy. Volunteering to put on the festival is often a family affair, with generations coming together for the love of the event and community. Preparing for this annual Labor Day festival is a year-round effort requiring dedicated time and effort. The Board books the entertainment, coordinates the vendors, manages logistics ranging from volunteers to sponsors, and plans public safety for parades. The North Carolina Apple Festival is an institution in Hendersonville, celebrating its seventy- sixth anniversary in two thousand twenty-two. Downtown Henderson is proud to select The North Carolina Apple Festival Board of Directors as its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.

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