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Mural Examples

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Wow, Wow, Wow! NC has jumped on the mural movement, taking large brick canvases, and moving them from boring to inspiring. Murals bring building to life and help move people from place to place. They draw people to them, as people want to see up close this art form that is so complex that only the best can create.

Communities in NC are utilizing murals to tell their story, to add interest, and to pull people off Main Street to side streets. QR codes are being placed on the walls to help educate art enthusiasts about the artist and the inspiration behind the project. Mural trails are adding to the visitor experience and helping economic developers to move consumers to areas less traveled.

This gallery shows examples of how buildings can be transformed in a downtown by adding quality murals to the brick and mortar. We encourage communities to look at their PAINTED brick buildings to see if a mural would add interest to the area. As with all things "Main Street" ... if it is not painted, then leave it to be enjoyed for the original brick, that is a work of art, all in itself.

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