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Moe Deloach: Rocky Mount

2023 NC Main Street Champion

Moe Deloach is a Rocky Mount native and dedicated downtown business owner. As a former professional basketball player, he had opportunities to invest anywhere but returned to his hometown to help rebuild downtown. Every day, Moe shows what a true downtown champion is by working with other business owners, using his expansive network to promote growth and opportunities downtown, suggesting events, and offering creative ideas to draw traffic downtown.

He always arrives when called upon to help. Offering his expertise, Moe is always first in line to welcome a new business or guide budding entrepreneurs to the downtown development office. Moe's dedication and consistency to build downtown are encouraging and inspiring to all.

Rocky Mount is honored to have the persistence and energy of Moe Deloach downtown and is proud to call him its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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