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Miles Atkins: Mooresville

2023 NC Main Street Champion

Miles Atkins has been a committed public servant in Mooresville for over 16 years, elected as a Commissioner At-Large in 2007, and then serving as Mayor from 2011 to 2023. During his tenure, Miles ensured Downtown Mooresville revitalization was embraced as a major priority.

He consistently stayed committed to Downtown improvement throughout his terms, implementing innovative, comprehensive planning strategies including both district-inclusive and adjacent residential housing, proposed infrastructure and parking solutions, economic development with a focus on diversity, and the creation of public amenities within the Downtown district.

His consistent advocacy resulted in the allocation of over $16.5 million in town funding to create public spaces, parks, and an amphitheater in Downtown that support the betterment and patronage of the small, locally-owned businesses that make us unique.

Miles’ dedication to Downtown has always gone well beyond the level of support as Mayor. He attended all events, often helping with setups and clean-ups voluntarily, including taking out garbage and even sweeping streets. He visited personally with business owners on a regular basis, met with potential investors, and has promoted MDC achievements without an ask. Without his passion, Downtown Mooresville would not be the vibrant hub that it is today.

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