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Maria Bailey: Henderson

2022 NC Main Street Champion

For over fifteen years, Maria Bailey has been a Downtown Henderson volunteer. In two thousand eighteen, Maria proposed taking a rather derelict parking lot beside a new downtown coffee shop and turning it into a garden parklet. Utilizing her skills as a Certified Master Gardener, Maria designed the parklet, determined the costs, and the project timeline. Once the parklet received City Manager and City Council approval and plans were finalized, Maria organized local garden clubs to help with project fundraising and securing sponsors. Maria did much of the work in creating the gardens and flower baskets. She found artists to paint a mural on the side of the coffee shop overlooking the parklet. She even hand- painted the bollards separating the outdoor dining area from parking spaces. In two thousand twenty-two, her efforts came to fruition when the parklet was dedicated. Due to Maria's vision, persistence, hard work, and love of downtown Henderson, the community now has a beautiful downtown gathering spot to enjoy. Because of her efforts, Downtown Henderson is pleased to select Maria Bailey as its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.


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